Fx1616-BA Triangle Programmable Logic Controller


    The Fx1616-BA is floating point math capable and has the following features integrated onboard

    - Digital Input16 (24V AC. 24VDC)
    - Digital Output (peak current)16 (4x 8A NPN. 12x 5A Relay)
    - Digital I/O ExpansionUp to 128 DI. 128 DO
    - Analog I/O12
            A.I. Interface8 (0 to 10V. 12-bit)
            A.O. Interface4 (0 to 10V. 12-bit)
    - PWM (current)4 (4A)
    - Stepper Motor Controller2 (10.000 pps)
    - Stepper Motor Drivers1 (unipolar)
    - High Speed Counter3 (4 KHz)
    - RS232 ports1
    - RS485 port (2-wire)2
    - 14-pin LCD port1
    - Ethernet Port1
    - IR Remote Control1
    - Light Dimmer control4
    - Program Flash Memory23.5K words
    - Non-volatie FRAM6K words built-in
    - Dimension (L x W x H)7.05” x 4.45” x 1.0”
    - Operating Temperature0-70 ℃

    pdf-small.gif Data Sheet          pdf-small.gif Users Manual


    NOTE Fx1616-BA replaces the previous F1616-BA as it now supports the floating-point math and variables available on i-TRiLOGI version 7. It is 100% backward compatible to F1616-BA PLCs.

    Starting with the control I/Os. the Fx1616-BA has built-in 32 digital I/Os (expandable to 256) that interface directly to 24VAC or DC power. 8 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs that are 0 to 10V range. Among the I/Os are 4 DC outputs that can also be used as PWM or AC phase control (light dimmer type) outputs. or to drive stepper motor(s). Also. there are 3 high-speed encoder inputs. 6 incoming pulse frequency counter inputs. as well as a built-in Infrared remote control interface. Unlike other product makes. these incredible features come in the standard package at no additional cost to the buyer/user.

    More importantly. the Fx1616-BA's immense communication capability allows it to be used either as the master controller of a simple project such as in home automation. or as one of hundreds of "node controllers" in a complex buildng project. The built-in Ethernet port on the Fx1616-BA PLC hosts both a PLC web server and a Modbus/TCP server. allowing up to 6 simultaneous connections with devices such as touch panel HMIs). hardware running SCADA and PC software or other node controllers. The controller is also able to send out emails. create a report on its file system and upload to an FTP server. or check a specified website to retrieve dynamic contents. More standard interfaces on the PLC include one RS232 port and two RS485 ports. all of which support industry standard MODBUS RTU or ASCII protocols. A special set of interface pins is even provided on the PLC to allow addition of a third-party radio module known as XBEE which in turn enables this controller to interface to futuristic ZIGBEE wireless sensors and control modules.

    Just as notable is Triangle Research's proven i-TRiLOGI "Ladder+BASIC" programming software which makes complex programming of the F-Series PLCs a whole lot easier than with standard ladder-logic programming! By combining the Ladder Logic program with a floating-point math-capable BASIC langugage (i-TRiLOGI version 7). this great controller is packaged to be ready immediately to interface to power meters. HVAC sensors. and/or talk to other other controllers to carry out sophisticated control tasks in a commercial building project.

    Some Building Automation applications for this PLC include roles as Main HVAC controller. Slave HVAC controller for VAV or CAV boxes. Lighting control and Audio-Video (AV) equipment control (learn and send 38KHz IR remote signal).

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