Triangle Fram-RTC Programmable Logic Controller FMD88-10


    Triangle FRAM-RTC Programable Logic Controler FMD88-10



    The new FMD88-10 Super PLC is designed to seamlessly replace the T100MD888+. one of our most successful embedded PLCs for OEMs. It further improves on its predecessor by adding multiple new features. including an Ethernet port. 10 channels of high precision (12-bit) Analog I/Os. a 32-bit CPU that runs 3 times faster. and optional support of state-of-the-art Ferromagnetic RAM memory for non-volatile storage.

    FMD88-10 Features

    • Built-in Ethernet port - Support MODBUS/TCP
    • Programmable via the Internet
    • 8 inputs (24V NPN). 8 outputs (6x1A. 2x8A @24VDC)
    • 8 analog inputs (12-bit. 0-5V)
    • 2 analog outputs (12-bit. 0-5V or 0-10V selectable)
    • 1 RS232 port. 1 RS485 Port - support Modbus RTU and ASCII
    • 4 Pulse Measurement. 2 Encoders. 4 PWM outputs
    • 2 channel Stepper Motor Controller
    • Very Fast 32-bit CPU
    • I2C option for future expansion


    Data Sheet pdf-small.gifUser's Manual pdf-small.gifUpgrade From T100MD888+ to FMD88-10 pdf-small.gif

    The FMD88-10 PLC packs an amazing amount of PLC hardware into a low cost. small foot-print circuit board. The flexibility of being an open board design. combined with the Ladder+BASIC programming software lets users quickly finish complex programming projects in much shorter time than traditional ladder-only PLCs or single board computers (which often require C language expertise and are not field-programmable).

    With the inclusion of an onboard Ethernet port that can connect to other devices or web servers for control or data up/down-loading. 16 multi-functions digital I/Os and 10 analog I/Os (12-bit). the FMD88-10 can readily be used by system integrators for one of a kind project to OEM equipment makers that employ hundreds or thousands of this small wonder.

    Built into the FMD88-10 PLC are 8 digital inputs (includes 2 high speed encoders. 4 pulse frequency measurement and 4 interrupts). 8 digital outputs (supports 4 PWM channels. 3 stepper motor pulse/direction controls). 8 analog inputs (0-5V. 12-bit) and 2 analog outputs (0-5V or 0-10V. 12-bit). Digital I/O capacity can be expanded to 120 digital inputs and 120 digital outputs using Triangle Research expansion boards EXP1616R or EXP4040. Analog I/O expansion modules which connect to the FMD88-10's RS485 port are also readily available.

    Like all Super PLCs in Triangle Research's line-up. the FMD88-10 is designed with ready connectivity to many peripheral device types. With the built-in Ethernet port and the iTRiLOGI client/server software. the FMD88-10 is fully accessible for machine monitoring and OEM troubleshooting/reprogramming over the Internet. Built-in RS232 and RS485 connections and support of MODBUS protocols also makes the FMD88-10 easy to integrate into mixed-brand PLC environments and networks.

    Programming of the FMD88-10 PLC is simplified with our powerful i-TRiLOGI Ladder+BASIC software that is shipped together with the FMD88-10 Starter Kit. The FMD88-10 PLC incorporates a program code security feature in the interest of Automation OEMs' program protection.

    Peripherals -

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