GIC 33 Function Multi Range Digital Timer 110-240 VAC Front Panel Mounted V7DFTS3


    GIC 33 Function Multi Range Digital Timer 110-240 VAC Front Panel Mounted V7DFTS3


    Manufacturer GIC
    Mounting Panel Mount
    Output Relay Rating 5A @ 230V
    Output Relay Type 2 X SPNO
    Size 48 x 48
    Supply Voltage 240Vac. 230Vac. 110Vac. 115Vac. 110-240Vac
    Timing Function Inverted Signal On Delay. Off Delay Constant Supply Type 2. Leading Edge Impulse 2. Signal Off Delay. Delayed Pulse (remote trigger). Signal On Delay. Cyclic Off/On. Impulse On/Off. Inverted Signal On Delay Type 2. On Pulse (control switch resettable). On Pulse (supply reset) Mode. Trailing Edge Impulse 2. Accumulative Delay On Inverted Signal. Trailing Edge Impulse. Signal On Off delay Type 2. Leading Edge Bi-stable Or Step Relay. Asymmetric Recycler Pulse Start Type 2. Accumulative Impulse On Signal. On Delay (Control Switch Resettable). Signal On Off Delay. Impulse on Energizing. Leading Edge Impulse. On Delay. Delayed Pulse (constant supply type 1). On Delay Constant Supply Type 2. Delayed Impulse. Delayed Impulse Type 2. Signal Off/On (new). Accumulatice Delay On Signal. Asymmetric Cycle Pulse Start. On Delay Constant Supply Type 3. Cyclic On/Off. Delayed Pulse (constant supply)
    Timing Range 0.1s - 999 days
    Power Consumption (Max.) 9VA
    Reset Time 200 ms (Max.) / 100 ms (Max.)

    Key Features

    Digital 7-Segment display Supply Voltage range of 110-240 VAC
    Inbuilt library of 33 functions covering majority applications
    Easy steps to program customized functions
    Suitable for Panel mounting
    Two separate Channel outputs with selectable Timer modes
    Provision to save two independent functional Profiles (P1 & P2)
    Provision to edit Preset time during Run time

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