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Company Brochure

Overview of TRi Control Products

TRiLOGI Programming Software Manuals

i-TRiLOGI Version 6 Programmer's Reference

i-TRiLOGI Verison 7 Reference Addendum

i-TRiLOGI Tutorial by Purdue Professor

WinTRiLOGI (for E10 & H-Series) Help File

Nano-10 PLCs

Nano-10 PLC Data Sheet

Nano-10 User's Manual

Nano-10 Web Control Quick Start Guide

FMD-Series PLCs

FMD88-10 Data Sheet

FMD88-10 User's Manual

Upgrading from T100MD888+ to FMD88-10

FMD1616-10 Data Sheet

FMD1616-10 User's Manual

Upgrading from T100MD1616+ to FMD1616-10

F-Series PLCs

Fx1616-BA Data Sheet

Fx1616-BA User's Manual

Fx2424 Data Sheet

Fx2424 User's Manual


Original F1616-BA User's Manua

Original F2424 User's Maunal

FMD Series,




EXP1616 Installation Guide

EXP4040 Installation Gude

MX-RTC Installation Guide

MD-HMI Installation Guide

Auto485 Installation Guide

LCD216/LCD420 Installation Guide

MDS100-BW Installation Guide

Ethernet XServer User's Manual

I2C-FRTC User's Guide

AN20MA-2 Installation Guide


T100MD888+ Data Sheet

T100MD888+ Installation Guide

T100MD1616+ Data Sheet

T100MD1616+ Installation Guide

T100MD2424+ Data Sheet

T100MD2424+ Installation Guide

M-Series PLC User's Manual

M-Series PLC Brochure

E-Series PLCs

E10+ PLC Brochures

E10-npn+ Installation Guide

E10-Relay+ Installation Guide

E-Series PLCs Host Link Command Reference

H-Series PLCs

H-Series PLC Brochures

T22H-NPN Installation Guide

T28H-Relay Installation Guide

T40H-Relay Installation Guide

T44H-NPN/T44HPNP Installation Guide

T64H-Relay Installation Guide

DIN Rail Mounting Kits

DIN-Kits Installation Guide

Mouting Kits All TRi-PLCs Mounting Hole Locations

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